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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.visionmusiconline.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Sweet Ecstasy

Runnin on Empty


If AC/DC and Joan Jett were to have a child and allow VH, Kiss & Zeppelin to baby sit, the result would be “VISION”

Vision’s sound is influenced by classic 80’s rock/blues with a touch of modern rock mixed in. Having a female fronted band gives a nice twist to the traditional feel. The band prides themselves on thoughtful, melodic lyrics layered over by hard driving guitar riffs.

VISION was formed by David & Juliette Vignola (guitar & lead vocals) in 2006. While looking for band mates, they began writing songs which would eventually end up on the bands debut CD “No Regrets”. Shortly after the writing sessions began, Joe Johnston (keys, guitar), Diane Calano (drums) and Jeffery Miles (bass) joined the group to complete VISION.

Once the band was assembled they went into the studio to record the “No Regrets” CD which was released in July 2008. Since that time they have been playing gigs in the local area creating a strong fan base. Their 2nd CD entitled “7 Shade of Wrong” is scheduled to be released in August 2009.

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