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Genre: Folk


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


The Naybobs are a group of friends who each bring their own professional seasoning to the musical mix. Each has been in the local folk music scene for decades in combination with other groups like The Providence Wholebellies, The Whompers, The Yams, and Katzberg and Snyder.

Here’s what the band members have to say about themselves.

Bob Asprinio is a protege of the mysterious and reclusive Hibbard Perry and has spent the greater part of his adult life taking the instructions of his mentor into unexpected directions. Enjoy.

Steve Jobe arrived on the shores of Rhode Island in 1975, and he's never looked back! Actually he has, but there's been lots of good music anyway. Check www.stevenjobe.com (the website has been recently revised, and it's the bomb).

Kate Katzberg was half of Katzberg & Snyder for 20 years and is a founding member of Stone Soup Coffeehouse. Kate will be presenting 5 original songs during this concert in her newfound capacity as songwriter and rhythm guitar player.

Winnie Lambrecht has been playing percussion with several groups including locally ("The Whompers", "The Smiling Dog Band", "The Providence Wholebellies") and with bands from Louisiana (including "The Basin Brothers" and ""T Mamou"); she has toured in Europe and the US and is passionate about traditional music from all over the world.