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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.myspace.com/5pointbostonrock

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):

Ballad of Damien Karras


Boston Punk Rock's Blind Faith. Nothing but legends in this band--you guys will rule the earth! - Johnny Angel, Singer/Guitarist of The Thrills and The Blackjacks, Actor, Writer, Radio Talk Show Host.

From the ashes of The Illegals, also briefly briefly known as The Night Terrors (yes, we know about that other Night Terrors band now) 5-Point is made up of 3 members of The Illegals - Mark Kennedy (Vivisect, Toecutter, Facts About Rats, Defrokt, Strange Flesh, The Kenmores) on Vocals, Fred Pineau (The Atlantics, Bonjour Aviator, Third Person, The Kenmores) on Guitar and Pat Moynihan (American Pulverizer, Tenafly Vipers, Two Saints, Gimantis) on Bass are now joined by drummer Joe D'Arco (Godsmack, Controlled Aggression, Tin Pan Alley, Taupier) and Guitarist Adi Luv (Noble Rot/The Drags, Defrokt). It took a while to finalize the lineup and even longer to come up with a damn name but now we're firing on all cylinders and ready to Rock N' Roll!!!! The Music - Dervish and Ballad of Damien Karras were recorded in late January/early February 2009 @ Mixed Emotions Music in Middleton, MA with Kenny Lewis (Stryper/Michael Sweet, Freddie Jackson, LA Guns, Mass, Sal Baglio).