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Genre: Electronica, Experimental, Rap, Rock

Website: http://www.myspace.com/ottokinzelmusic

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Thanks For Asking

The Carnival


A veteran of the New England music scene for over a decade, Otto Kinzel has recorded and toured nonstop with several Industrial and Metal bands from the area. He has been a member of Black Eye Susan, Wormdr1v3, Burden of Liberty, Change of Season, and The Isolated Sequence. Now in 2009 he steps out with his first solo album, inspired by his love of Industrial/Electronic based music, but with a much more sinister edge.
"I always loved bands like Ministry, KMFDM, Atari teenage Riot; My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult... the fusion of drum machines and sequencers with live musicianship has fascinated me since I first got Ministry's A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste. I hope to release something that does the genre proud and hopefully stake at least a small claim in a scene that has given so much to me over the years".
Although this particular album will be in the Industrial/Metal/Electronic genre, Kinzel insists that future releases will not necessarily follow the same musical path. An avant-garde musician who is a chameleon when it comes to styles, you can expect that a follow up album will probably be drastically different.
“I love a band like Mr. Bungle, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Fu Manchu as much as the bands listed above, and have other material written and recorded to reflect those influences. My hope is that if this CD does well than I will have an avenue to release these other recordings. I get really bored playing just one type of music. I need to jump around and keep things fresh. So while making one or two albums of industrial music is fun, I would get tired really quick if I had to stick to that style for the rest of my life".