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Genre: Alternative Rock, Blues/R&B, Country, Metal/Hardcore, Oldies, Punk, Rock, Soul/Gospel, Swing

Website: http://www.myspace.com/thenewalibis


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The New Alibis are everything that you would expect but they totally blindside you at the same time. The bands lineup, made of x-members of The Lost City Angels, Far From Finished, Three Sheets ,and The Pug Uglies lead you directly to the sound of the tough but tender anthemic street punk that is the stock and trade of their Boston hometown. They do not disappoint and bring it with authority. But, they also bring much more. The New Alibis are a rock and roll history lesson. With that desperate Boston heartbeat pounding they mine 50s and 60s rock, garage,soul and lawlessness , class of 73 glam and class of 77 punk, stylish 80s new wave getting strung out on Sunset Strip with the ragged glory of 90s big guitars thrown all into the mix. . The outcome? Passionate “our lives depend on this” songs full of big hooks and swinging hammers. The kind of songs that you just can't get out of your head while you just can't put your finger on exactly what it reminds you of. With Jesse pummeling the drum kit through the floor, Drew bleeding all over arena rock vocals, Paul searing in laser guitar riffs , and Julie channelling a bit of Mr. Entwistle with her sexy as fuck bass lines, the band delivers something special. It’s a sound that is simultaneously brand new yet as old as Little Richard. The New Alibis play rock and roll the only way they know how- With one foot in history and the other on the edge of a razor blade.