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Genre: Blues/R&B, Funk, Rock, Soul/Gospel

Website: http://theheartsleeves.com/

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Last Night

Marriott Parking Lot


''The HeartSleeves are living legends. True masters of the art of emotional music without being whiney, a feat thought of as impossible by most modern musicians. However the most interesting thing about The HeartSleeves is not their commitment to blending emotional lyrics with old-soul rock n roll. It’s the fact that they have been quietly regarded as one of Boston’s best kept secrets since early 2007.

The HeartSleeves are fully backed by two extremely solid releases (one past and one future). 2009 saw their first album titled “Dirt and Water”. This release caught the Boston scene completely off guard with its catchy hooks and deep lyrical content. I’m sure you’ve seen lesser bands crumble under pressure of having to match the power of their first release with their second. These guys have more than delivered with their sophomore full length “Peripheral People”. This album is 13 tracks of heart wrenching real life blues. “Sounds from real life”. This band lives true to their name, wearing their hearts on their sleeves through every minute.''
Tyler Kershaw - UNregular Radio