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Genre: Experimental, Funk, Latin, Soul/Gospel, World Music

Website: http://www.goosepimp.net

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Driving elements from all over the musical spectrum into an unrelenting cosmic force, Goosepimp's electric live performances have garnered them a reputation for stirring crowds into a dancing frenzy. Fueled by their trademark ability to morph themselves through the boundless realms of the sonic stratosphere, the group’s first release, aptly titled Hit It & Quit It, offers glimpes inside the brainwork of the entrancing spiritual experince that has been sweeping audiences off their feet.

The first footprints of this musical journey can be traced back to the turn of the millenium, when childhood friends Mike Cantor and Bob Greel, stumbled upon a chemistry that culminated their admiration for elements from all over the musical spectrum. While Cantor had spent his teenage years immersed in a small death metal community, Greel had been playing jazz and Latin standards in his fathers band at weddings and cruise ships. At a chance meeting at a club in Boston the two met Vermont native, bassist Dave Pelletier. Dave's musical bottom end backbone brought on an energy that emerged ideas into nightly all night jam sessions. Through Dave, came twin brother Adam, providing steady rhythm on guitar. After recruiting Josh Filgate on Trombone, and Jon Albertelly on Trumpet, the bands presence was screaming with a sharp horn section. With Mike's hometown friend Joe Calabrese brought into the fold on drums, a solidified complete line-up was set in place to catapult the original chemistry into the 21st century.

In the short time the ensemble has been together, they've established their presence in and around their home of Boston: providing the soundtrack for countless Northeastern University events for the past four years all the while maintaining residencies at The Draft, nestled in the heart of Boston's Allston Rock City, and Copperfield's, located in the famed Landsdowne Street area. Having played in Fenway Park for Northeastern's Alumni Day and World AIDS Day in the famed Government Center Plaza for so many diverse audiences has allowed the development of the original concept into something dancier, funkier, tighter and above all, more in tune with their surrounding community.

Goosepimp's focus on the community came full circle when their first EP, “Hit It & Quit It”, which was independently released on July 4th "IndepenDANCE Day" 2007 and the CD case was printed on recycled paper with soy ink. Furthering the Goosepimp mentality of well-being, they have joined up with many noble causes, in which proceeds have benefitted groups like The World AIDS Campaign, Students for Environmental Action, and Alternatives for Community and Environment. With these efforts, the band's goal is to not only play music to benefit the greater good, but to take part in the change.

The upcoming year has a lot in store for Goosepimp. The continuance of their electric showcasing at such festivals as Strangecreek , Wormtown, and Live Free or Die Festival has further allowed them to solidify themselves as a force to be reckoned with, and their highly anticipated full length album of songs that have already made thousands of hips shake is to be released this Winter. Fans of funk, world music, jazz and psychedelic rock alike will be given the chance to see and hear what happens when energy triggers the collision of groove and your gluteus maximus.