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Genre: Experimental, Folk, Rock

Website: http://www.adrianemberley.com


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Born on November 2, 1985, into a family of artists, Adrian has been a performer all her life.
Raised in Colorado and New England, she traveled the world in her mother’s suitcase. Writing has been a constant in her life, whether it was poetry, stories, plays or songs.
She became an actress at the age of 12, picked up a guitar and the next year wrote her first song and performed it at Club Passim in Cambridge Mass. There was no turning back. Home schooled for high school, she was able to pursue both drama and music with abandon. She attended Berklee College of Music during those summers, along with a full
drama schedule with Theater in the Open in Newburyport Mass, and Traip Academy Dramatic Arts in Kittery Maine.
She has performed in parks and theaters, on street corners and in bars.

In 2004 she entered Berklee as a full time college student as a songwriting major and the rest is history. She built her own band “The Adrian Emberley Band” but continues to seek new experiences, writing and performing with “Michael Dylan and the Sleepwalkers”, and most recently hooking up with singer songwriter Peter Black to do a little R&B as “Diva and the King”.
Adrian continues to grow as a performer and as a writer, with the release of her second album “love" in September 2008, she expands and expounds on her lifetime of experiences asking questions and telling stories.