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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.dearhavanah.com


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Soulful, young, and energetic are three defining words for Boston-based,
rock infused, jam quintet Dear Havanah. With their melodic hooks, and
honest, uninhibited live shows, the band is making waves around the
northeast. The band's eclectic instrumentation includes vocals acoustic
guitar, keys/organ, electric/slide guitar, mandolin, electric bass, drums
and percussion. Dear Havanah's members have a wide array of musical training
and tastes, incorporating elements of jazz, blues, pop, and other genres to
craft something truly original.

Their debut release, "Chasing Butterflies", is due to drop in early winter,
2008. From the groovy, acoustic-driven feel of "Relief", to the old school
sound of "Bring Me Home", this record will have a little something for
everyone. "We had a blast writing and recording this album", says lead
singer and acoustic guitar player, Dan Htoo-Levine, "We sat down with a
structure, and everything just fell into place. It was very organic".

As far as the title, "Chasing Butterflies", Dear Havanah leaves it up to the
listeners' interpretation. "It could mean a lot of different things. It's
ambiguous, and that's why we like it," drummer Mike Blong comments. The band
adds that a wide array of themes will be covered on the album. After the
release of "Chasing Butterflies", they'll be promoting heavily and gigging
frequently. Look for their Veggie Co. Records debut this winter.

Dear Havanah Is:
Dan Htoo-Levine: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Adam Ciminello: Keys/ Organ, Background Vocals
Johnny Duke: Electric & Slide Guitar, Mandolin, Background Vocals
Mike Blong: Drums, Percussion