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Genre: Blues/R&B, Rap

Website: http://www.myspace.com/sergedidenko

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):


Whoever thought that the common phrase, "From Russia with love", would be associated in the world of hip hop culture? Meet Serge Didenko: A white, Russian, hip hop artist who is classified way beyond the aims, trends, and stereotype's of modern day rap music. Having embraced various cultural and environmental settings throughout his life time, Didenko is unlike any hip hop artist in the industry. Despite possessing non "gangster rap" attributes, his music has gained wide spread, national popularity based on what he describes as "truly keeping it real and expressing who I really am". His lyrics do not promote violence, he is strongly against degrading women, and his main goal is to prove to the music world that it is possible to create good music without having to influence someone in a negative way.

A true lyricist, the 22 year old Moscow, Russia born rapper is proof that hip hop as an art form has not yet lost its touch. Drawing comparison's to some of hip hop's greatest such as "Big L", "Big Punisher" and "Tupac Shakur"( all deceased), he began writing lyrics at the age of 11 but only a few years ago, due to life circumstances, did he realize that he possessed the qualities and skill necessary to make his dream a reality.

Since then, he has entered various rap battles, appeared in newspaper's such as: "The Daily Item" and "The Belmont Citizens Herald", won several open-mic competitions including winning NYC's "Make Em Pay" 07 freestyle competition, performed many shows from New England to Pittsburgh, Interviewed with Akrobatik from JAMN 94.5, Launched his music on iTunes, aired live on IMPNATION Radio, received song plays on Connecticut's HOT 93.7 radio station, and has collaborated with various well known artists such as underground star "Copywrite", and Boston's own "Termanology", to name a few.

Currently, the rapper is keeping himself busy by writing and recording music in his newly set up home studio which will enable him to produce his work at a faster rate, and release more material. He is also scheduling many upcoming shows at local venues, averaging around 5 performances per month. With opportunities to embark upon a national tour, and upcoming events from California to his birthplace (Moscow, Russia), Serge has been sufficiently adapting to the growing demand. A normal day for the rapper consists of practicing his verses, writing, free-styling, promoting his website, rehearsing and scheduling upcoming shows while at the same time, learning the mechanics of the music industry as an artist-delevopment student at Bristol Recording Studios (Founder of Universal Motown Music Group Jada) In Boston.

A passionate, talented, self-determined artist with a relentless drive and work ethic, look for Serge Didenko to take charge in the music industry. " I do this for everybody, writing lyrics and recording music is not some side gig that I do for fun, It's who I am. And I understand the magnitude of responsibility required for putting myself out there. But hey, I am a lyricist, so I guess you can call me a man of my word".