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Genre: Alternative Rock, Metal/Hardcore, Rock

Website: www.seventhroom.com

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Seventh Room grew from the desire to create. This desire to create bound together four musicians with the common goal of documenting the sounds and melodies echoing in their heads.

This collaboration started with singer/songwriter/guitarist Rob Foley. Writing music is as natural to Rob as breathing is to the rest of us. Weighed down by the burden of idea after idea, Rob reached out to friend and fellow guitarist Paul Mangiaratti. The two musicians worked together to construct songs that captured their shared vision. In need of a rhythm section adding accomplished musicians and good friends Ian Cariolo and Michael Dwyer to complete the band, was an obvious choice.

Seventh Room’s debut EP meanwhile is a snap shot of something four musicians were able to harness and hold on to. Meanwhile conveys raw emotion and a sense of personal turmoil for all to feel. Rob Foley/ Paul Mangiaratti/Ian Cariolo/Michael Dwyer describe their music as “intense, unaffected rock.”

The band’s live performances are driven by the energy embedded in their songs. That energy engages the listeners leaving them with the feelings that gave birth to the music.

The members of Seventh Room spend most of their time developing new material and are already in the process of choosing new songs to document.

With the late 2008 release of meanwhile, the band has no plans of slowing down as they continue to perform and pursue the music that drew them together.