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Genre: Jazz

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Satan's Shriners



Seks Bomba is a high-powered quintet from Boston, MA, who combine hard edged, 4-on-the-floor instro rock with powerful, high octane vocal stylings and tight, sophisticated arrangements into what CMJ has called "quite possibly the best among the new bands in their niche." The band's debut Operation B.O.M.B.A. (on Ya Ya Records, www.yayarecords.com) has been described by the Boston Phoenix as "an exquisite collection of suspenseful slinkage, surfish polyesterism and crime-noir clatter" and led Boston 'zine The Noise to remark, "The chemistry, material and delivery are perfectly sublime. Bomba know what they're doing in ways most bands can't begin to fathom." The band features Chris Cote, guitar/vocals; George Hall, guitar; Lori Perkins, organ; Matt Silbert, bass; and Brett Campbell, drums.

The Phoenix's Jonathan Perry describes Operation B.O.M.B.A. as "a swinging tour de force of imagined secret-agent-movie scores ("Theme from `To Kill 89' "), tight-slacked Tom Jones-y come-ons ("Bright Lights and You, Girl"), and instrumental interludes ("Do You Know the Way to San Jose?") that works as an excellent martini-sipping soundtrack. Not bad for an outfit that happened by accident back in 1995."