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Genre: Rock

Website: http://http://www.anatro.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Child Thy Name Is Rock


An audacious, fist in the air salute to all things rock and roll bringing you the music of Queen, David Bowie, The Beatles and The Who. The Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra - a giant rock band consisting of 19 incredible musicians and singers brings the often heard but rarely performed crown jewels of classic rock to vivid life.

The URO have made a name for themselves playing iconic rock mega-songs from the 1970's in arena-style shows. "The level of talent on display is immense," says the Noise - "the URO makes use of every musician and vocalist present to capture the most complex of these classic songs."

The Boston Metro writes of the band - "Only a handful of bands are licensed to rock you that hard, and the Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra certainly has that license."

ANATRO is an awe-inspiring night of high energy and over-the-top rock fun. "The spectacle on stage is more party than opera. The URO brings off even the most intricate of rock pieces with effortless ease, lighthearted humor, and an audacious display of vocal prowess," says the Boston Globe.

The band performs songs by The Who, The Beatles, Bowie, and Queen, with a few selections from URO's original rock opera 'Will We Rock You?.' The Boston Herald says, "'A Night At The Rock Opera' is looking like a local institution in the making... a grandiose fist-in-the-air salute to all things rock."