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Genre: Folk, Jazz, Rock, Solo

Website: http://www.sarahblacker.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
I Should Speak

Smell of Caramel


Sarah Blacker will make you dance a jig in the street, while she stomps, claps, and cheers you on! She’ll get a kick out of the way the music moves you, and will be equally as moved. She’ll even make your toughest bassist cry with the amount of passion she pours into each musical note she produces. She’ll treat you like an old friend before a show and stop you dead in your tracks once she starts to sing. Sarah Blacker has written over 400 songs, and toured nationally, playing to sold-out audiences in Cambridge, MA, Lawrence, KS, and New York City to name a few. She’s been named a ‘River Rising Star’ by WXRV, Boston’s Independent Radio, 92.5 the River. Southcoast247.com has coined her, “A shining light in the local music scene,” and she’s regularly called, “the perfect blend of Joni Mitchell and Ella Fitzgerald.”

At age 17, Sarah Blacker spent sleepless nights yearning to learn how to play the guitar. After two months of attempted lessons, her teacher told her to forget about lessons as she wasn’t practicing technique, she was writing song after song after song. She eventually taught herself a boat-load of strange chords and rhythms which she now crafts to fit her every whim.

A classically-trained vocalist, pianist by ear only, and ballet dancer since age 8, Sarah has always kept her sights set on the stars. Berklee College of Music in Boston accepted Sarah early, and there she engaged in intensive Music Therapy studies, spending upwards of 7 hours/day cradling her black Martin guitar in the corner of a tiny practice room. As a vocal major, Berklee also taught her vibrato, swoops and jazzy vocal inflections to add to her box of vocal tools.

Currently, Ms. Blacker, is touring in support of her debut full-length album, 'The Only Way Out is Through,' recorded/co-produced by producer Rob Loyot of Noise in the Attic Studios for Perriello Productions- Scituate, MA, and Sean McLaughlin of 37' Productions- Rockland, MA. This collection of 11 finely-crafted jazzy/folk-rock songs features local greats,Kevin Barry, (Dennis Brennan Band) Dinty Child (Sessions Americana) and Tom Bianchi (Baker Thomas Band) to name a few. The album will be released to radio and press in just a couple of weeks, with regional touring throughout the summer, and CD Release shows in the fall!