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Genre: Rock

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Ascension Island

Truth Will Out


Science Park was founded as a studio project in 1997 by songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Myke Weiskopf. Widely acclaimed for its shimmering, melodic, electro-acoustic pop textures, the band is set to release its third album, Disinformation, in January 2001. Their 1998 release, Futurama, garnered attention in magazines as varied as Spin, The Advocate, CMJ, and The Village Voice, resulting in a deal with Japan's Motorway Records, who released a 7" single ("Ascension Island") in March 2000. This past fall, Science Park toured with Barcelona (March Records) and Stars (Le Grand Magistery).

In Cellars By Starlight, Brett Milano describes Science Park's Futurama: "Although [Weiskopf] incorporates home-studio experiments and trip-hop influences, the CD is above all a set of achingly melodic, classic-model pop songs. It's also the soundtrack of Weiskopf's first couple of years in Boston. He came here for school, reached legal drinking age, hit the clubs, and got his heart broken a few times. No surprise that a lot of the best tunes were written and recorded in the wee hours of the morning."