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Genre: Alternative Rock, Rock, Solo

Website: http://http://www.zanderbleck.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Get Up

Meant to Be


Driven by unwavering passion and raw talent, Zander Bleck has set out to take the world by storm as an independent artist.

Inspired by legends U2, Led Zeppelin, and The Who and the newer sounds of Coldplay, Daft Punk and Timbaland, Zander Bleck has blended his singing and songwriting talent with the top production of Adam Longlands of the Matrix Group to create a phenomenal mix of vintage rock, pop and electronic sounds.

Zander Bleck, 23, developed a passion for the arts growing up in a musical family with both his father and grandfather having been songwriters and musicians. In 2004, Zander moved from rural NJ to NYC to break into the entertainment industry as a model and actor. His unique look, creative mindset and determination instantly landed him shoots for big clients like Diesel, Armani, and Energie, and was featured in top publications such as GQ, Vanity Fair, Vogue. Zander's modeling success quickly went global with opportunities to live in Milan, Italy and Germany, working with top European fashion houses and photographers.

Having successfully reached the top tier of the modeling industry, Zander realized that it was time for him to pursue his passion for singing and songwriting, and left his modeling career to bring his music dream to reality.

Zander worked for years developing his voice, song writing, forming the perfect blend of band members, booking shows and gathering a fan base. The band Zander instantly got noticed for their classic rock/pop sound, rockstar image and great live performances. With dozens of shows at venues such as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, The Cutting Room, Joe's Pub, and Maryland University, the band Zander developed and matured into a top level group.

The years of dedication culminated in Zander Bleck being given the opportunity of a lifetime; offers from some of the largest record labels. However with the extreme high of believing that his intense hard work had finally paid off came a life altering realization. Zander came to the conclusion that although the glamour and perks of having a record label are tremendous, the best option to remain in control as an artist is to take his product and career into his own hands.

Zanders' motivation and intense drive pushes him to bring his art public and to prove that independent musicians can make it in the industry. Setting out on his own with a brand new record, innovative music videos, a documentary style video reality show and team of supporters, Zander Bleck is on the path to push boundaries and change the world of music.