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Genre: Experimental, Rock

Website: http://www.myspace.com/aftermyown

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Sun in the Water


Hailing from Carver, Massachusetts, After My Own Consists of Brendan Hayter (Bass, Vocals), Justin Struble (Guitar, Vocals) and Jon (Drums), who prefers to go only by his first name. They formed the band in September of 2006, and recorded a demo after the 3 first months of writing. This demo featured a 4th member, lead singer Matt Pelletier. They proceeded to perform and write new music constantly, eventually reincarnating themselves as a 3-piece band in early 2008. Quickly after the transformation a new demo was recorded and live performance continued.

After My Own is music of a creative and heartfelt orientation. The songs are furious with imagination; they're bodies of a reviving type of modern psychedelic rock that is demandingly heavy yet full of texture. They waver between sonic extremes with no fear of intimacy - In a way, that's the point.

"Writing music is very sacred to us, but just because it's sacred doesn't mean it's not meant to be shared. We get as emotionally deep into each song as we can, to satisfy ourselves and because we know the presence of our passion will enhance the listening experience."

Their 2008 3-Song CD was recorded at The Chill House in Charlestown, MA by Will Holland. The band sells the disc in all self-made packaging, which features all original artwork from guitarist Justin. When it came to having a product to sell people, the band felt it had to be sealed with the same sincerity as the music itself.

Everything that is After My Own survives off the band's creative fire, and rest assured they will keep creativity as priority above all other things in life as they continue to perform whenever and wherever they can, with plans of a full-length in the next year.