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Genre: Alternative Rock, Folk

Website: http://http://www.brewhouserecords.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


A fan once said of Vanessa's music, "If my soul could sing, this is exactly what it would say". Revealing lyrics about broken love, being reckless, and new beginnings instantly grab your attention. Her dynamic yet soothing sweet voice combined with her unique guitar tunings create a sound that brings back memories. Vanessa writes songs that are bold and fearless in exposing her emotions. "When people hear this album for the first time, I can only hope that it helps them make sense of their emotions. Of the fears and doubts that hold them back. Life is too short for regrets. It's all about taking chances. This album is my leap into uncertainty." -Vanessa

Deeply-felt, Vanessa's Brewhouse Records debut, Into Place, is very much an album of unique, yet shared experiences. Backing Vanessa is Brian Sargent (electric guitar, vocals), Rohin Khemani (drums, percussion) and Marc Hickox (bass). Imagine warm musical tones exuding from the stage creating a dreamlike atmosphere where the listener can drift away to the melodies. That's what it's like to attend one of Vanessa's shows.