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Genre: Alternative Rock, Experimental, Rock

Website: http://www.myspace.com/iceoutmanagement


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Mantra is a band with a belief; a belief in the power and glory of music. Hailing from small-town New Hampshire, but with big-time imagination, Mantra dreams in Technicolor in an increasingly bland world. Mike Loughlin (Vocals, Guitar, Piano) spearheads the attack as a songwriter and permanent daydreamer. Always in search of a new sound or melody, Mike gives voice to the songs that are channeled through Mantra. Providing the lush landscape and elegant tapestries for Mantra is Jon Belfontaine. His artful guitar work brings the color and the shape to the music, breathing life into the songs. The rhythm sections is quite a force to be reckoned with. The rock n' roll journeymen Tim "Scrimmy" Boucher sets the groove down on his bass. Supplying the backbone to Mantra's music is only a small part of the talent that he brings to the band. Vocal harmonies, guitar riffs and his D.I.Y. ethics and wealth of knowledge of the New Hampshire music scene make Scrimmy an invaluable piece of the puzzle that is Mantra. Keeping everything glued together, with his inventive beats and percussive talents is Shawn Ouellette on the drums. Shawn's musical ear and overall artistic integrity many times is the voice of reason in the creative storm that can be Mantra. These four have come together, each individually talented, but as one, greater than the sum of their parts. So...It's time to believe again...It's time to raise the bar! Ladies and Gentleman...MANTRA HAS ARRIVED! Mantra had played in a great number of locations in New Hampshire with a wide variety of groups and styles. Shows included in Boston, Maine and Hartford, Hesser College, Plymouth State College, Gathering of the Flies Rock Festival, White Mountain Unity Festival, Hempstock Festival as well as many club dates. They are regulars at Milly's and Goodfella's. Mantra has also competed, performed and won several Battle of the Band contests.