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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.myspace.com/whiteband


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Founding members guitarist Jim Foster (Grand Royal Records recording artist w/ Nullset) and bassist Billy Egan, formed White with original drummer Mick Palmesano in 2002. The sound was heavy and dark, lyrically focusing on issues of self-loathing, disillusionment and betrayal. White's first independent, eponymous release was in '03 achieving moderate success amidst favorable critical acclaim. 2003 also saw Palmesano's amicable departure, leaving Foster and Egan to regroup.

Keyboardist Eddie King jr. entered the picture after hearing Foster had a “new stoner-rock” outfit he was putting together. Foster immediately began recording keys, harnessing King's organ and Moog driven orchestration, adding depth and drama to White's chemistry and sound. The group charged ahead into the project's next phase, delving into Foster's diverse repertoire of backlogged demoed material.

The band's fortunes soon changed as a couple of crucial and fresh recruits entered the frame. Drummer Mike Delaney made his entrance in April ’06. He’d been previously prompted by fellow Framingham-n'-egger Foster to absorb White's repertoire while still in his band Drinkfist. Meanwhile, Ed had recruited singer JonnyP to take his turn at White's mic after having seen him perform several times with pop-rockers Aural Sect. The additions of Delaney on drums and JonnyP on vocals completed White's latest lineup by late spring. This combination of new energy and fresh perspectives prompted an anomalic road trip to Florida opening for the likes of Rick Derringer and Alto Reed at the “Bash at the Bridge Festival” in May ‘06.
White's four day stint in the Keys proved successful; galvanizing the new collective and giving rise to the completion and release of "The Size of Our Souls" in January 2007.

The winter of '07 found White playing to a sold-out crowd attending their CD release party at The Middle East (Down), Cambridge, MA., then heading to central MA to pack the Lucky Dog for their Worcester area record release two weeks later.