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Genre: Rock

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T*House of the Almighty are four guys from Boston MA. who play good old fashioned Rock 'n' Roll music. Unfortunatley the band decided to part ways in the summer of 2004 after being together only seven short years. This is another perfect example of the ugly music industry swallowing up a promising group of young and talented musicians/songwriters.

JJ, Johnny, Duff & Dave decided to pursue other interests after a brief wave of commercial success throughout the Boston music scene. In the spring 0f 2001 their song 898 off their first full length disc Groovaholic was picked up by rock staions WAAF (107.3) Boston as well as WHJY (94.1) Providence RI. There the song spent four months in the regular rotation. In addition, other notable accomplishments included being nominated for best Hard Rock act during the 2002 Boston Music Awards, a featured article in the up and coming artists section of music industry magazine/bible Radio & Records and of course their pride and dedication to the city they love. During their time together T*HOUSE of the ALMIGHTY hosted and promoted numerous benefit shows to help raise money for local Boston charities.

T*HOUSE of the ALMIGHTY (TM) released The following CD's:

Self Titled EP - 1999
Groovaholic - 2001
Mainline - 2003

They recorded with the likes of veteran award winning Boston producers David Minehan (That's Sir David Minehan of the accomplished pop/rock trio The Neiborhoods) as well as Mathew Ellard (Tanya Donnelly, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones etc). They have opened for a suite of national acts, built up a solid army of fans throughout the Northeast and garnered plenty of major label interest. In addition T*HOUSE has been dubbed "The nicest guys in the biz" by many local DJ's, promoters, publicists etc.

Where are they now? Guitarist Johnny Rinkus is holding down the Lone Star state of Texas playing in a band called The DML Cartel. Drummer Dave Caradimos still resides in the Boston area currently playing with his new band Dying Days. There is no information available for Vocalist JJ or bassist David Duffy.

Recently there has been a mild buzz regarding a T*HOUSE of the ALMIGHTY reunion show but there is nothing confirmed at this time.