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Genre: Alternative Rock, Funk, Jazz

Website: http://www.happynoterecords.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


Originally from New Bedford, Mass, Charles Xavier studied music at Boston’s Berklee College of Music and the legendary Creative Music Studio in Woodstock, NY with Karl Berger, Dave Holland, Bobby Moses, and Jack DeJohnette. In the 70s, he formed the avant-garde jazz band Satori, and then in 1982, after relocating to the West Coast, he released his debut EP (as Xavier and the Messengers), titled “The King Has Come.” In 2006, he began a new label in the bay area named Happy Note Records & released "The XMan Cometh -- Expect the Unexpected," The CD earned nationwide radio airplay and is currently available at most retail stores, Amazon.com and digitally on iTunes. Charles Xavier will be headlining at 2nd St JAZZ in L.A. and the AHA festival in New Bedford, Mass on August 14th. More info at: www.happynoterecords.com , www.myspace.com/thexman