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Genre: Experimental, Rock

Website: http://www.myspace.com/noledge420


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ol*Edge (knowledge) was formed in Westfield, MA. Whit Cass (bass), Jaysun Salois (guitar), and Ian Mulanouskus (drums) founded the band in 2001. Originally Ian played guitar in a band with Whit in high school. Jaysun and Ian played hockey together while growing up. All three shared a common influence in bands such as 311 and Incubus. Channeling these influences, they began to write music and held parties at their studio to gain local exposure. For two years they crafted these early works while searching for a front man to complete their sound. In a chance meeting at a show, in 2002 they found Parker Sharp. The four quickly connected. The music was still raw but it had substance. It was time to showcase their talent on the local scene.

Nol*Edge grew in popularity in the coming years. They released two Ep's "Changing Tides" (2002) and "Making Waves on Planet Earth" (2004). The two albums had regional success selling close to a thousand units each. Two songs from "Making Waves" were also put on 40,000 mp3 discs distributed across America in 2004. With their rise in popularity they began playing to large crowds in the hundreds at places such as; the Webster Theater in Hartford, CT., Middle East in Cambridge, MA., the Palladium in Worcester, MA., and C.B.G.B's in the heart of Manhattan. They played these clubs with national acts such as Jet, Saliva, Trapt, Killswitch Engage, Earshot, 40 Below Summer, Hed PE, Smile Empty Soul, Stereogram, Murphy's Law, Allister, Riddlin' Kids, and Shadows Fall. In late 2006 they were recognized for their talents by Altered Industry Entertainment and Stillwork, a label and recording studio founded by Benjamin Jon.

Today Nol*Edge has released their first full length "Winding the Heart Strings". Recorded at Stillwork and mastered by Zeuss at Planet Z studios, this album is their first big step towards national recognition. Before the release of the album in November 2007 the group headed to Lazer 99.3 for a lengthy interview. Three songs were featured and the interview aired on the areas most popular rock station with host Mike Haze. This helped fuel their strongest opening album sales to date.

There is an incredible future for Nol*Edge. They are geared for the 21st century with, myspace, ring tones, and single mp3 downloads. They continue to attract new listeners across the globe at their website as their daily plays grow in number. Successful sales of their T-shirts, stickers and albums will allow Nol*Edge the assets to plan their 2008 East Coast Tour. You may reach Nol*Edge at www.myspace.com/noledge420.