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Website: http://www.MannyXWorld.com

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Forever Yours


Born on February 18 and raised in Ponce, Puerto Rico, Manny X was gifted from the start. He brings to the table a blend of smooth contemporary R&B laced with a passionate latin voice and mature lyrics. Manny X is a producer / songwriter / arranger / singer / rapper / dancer / artist that is ready to deliver on command. At the tender age of 6, Manny has been performing in front of hundreds. It all began in his church. By the age of 10, had already taught himself the piano by ear using methods as simple as plucking out notes and mimicking patterns he heard in songs. He figured out all scales and patterns of the piano before knowing their technical names and learned about their relative minors before he even knew how to voice a minor chord. He developed such a well trained ear, that at the age of 14, he was already playing music with his church's worship team. His love for R&B came from listening to Boys II Men. He was instantly marveled be the feeling the songs portrayed, the lyrics, the emotion put into rifts and melodies, as well as the the complexity of the music and its syncopated rhythms. On a retreat with the church, it was confirmed by God that this was the path his future was to develop in. Since that day, he knew he was different and began writing his own songs. He wrote his first song at 16 and as time went on, he became more passionate for the idea of conveying a message through music which led him to think deeper and with more maturity when writing lyrics. The style of R&B that was developing during that time of his life began to influence his style of writing lyrics, the emotion in the voice, the music and the rhythm patterns in the beats and eventually helped him create his unique sound. Now a days, Manny's continued his drive in music, never falling off or giving up but rather revising his strategy and defining not only his sound but his style, honing his talent and the way he interprets emotions through his music. He's gone through everything from heartaches to heartbreaks, love to lust, betrayal and loyalty, he's cheated and has been cheated on. His involvement with graffiti led him to love real Hip-Hop and it's displayed through his lyrics. His Christian backgrounds and faith all fighting against his desire to be free has led to a vast amount of stories, and perspectives deeper than the average person his age. He's ready to get out there and let the world know what he's all about. From war to love, relationships to discordance, poverty to prosperity, living a dream to living a lie, God vs. human nature, LIFE and everything that revolves around it and in it...with the way the industry is going, it desperately needs a savior...Introducing: Manny X. In May of 2008 Manny X independently released his debut album. This highly anticipated project was written/produced/performed/recorded and mixed by Manny X himself knighting it with the name name "Just Me." It has slowly come to be recognized as a monumental release for the R&B scene of Rhode Island and has begun to generate quite the buzz amongst fellow artists. This album declares a huge step in the right direction for the hispanic Rhode Island crooner, and promises to leave a lasting impression in the hearts of his fans! Be on the look out for this summer's hottest release, the highly anticipated R&B/Pop/Soul presentation, Planet X! This will be Manny X's best work yet and is sure to cement his status as one of the rising stars of the next generation of superstars!....