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Genre: Alternative Rock, Folk, Rock, Solo

Website: http://www.myspace.com/peterichard

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Beach House - Live 2/15/2008

River Bend - Live 2/15/2008

Beach House


2007 was really good to Pete Richard and the Pete Richard Band. Independently, Pete, either solo or with the band, played over 50 shows and toured over 12,000 miles! All without professional booking or management. The Pete Richard Band continues to gain fans and momentum all over the east coast and the country at large.

Although, Pete has been playing and writing music since age 13, he began focusing his efforts on a solo project in March of 2005. Pete began playing open mics and booking solo shows in the Boston area. Time flew by and Pete gained a reputation of being one of Boston’s most sought after singer/songwriters. Deep Banana Blackout and Rolla guitar legend, Fuzz, says this of Pete:

“I feel Pete is one of the most refreshing and promising new talents on the acoustic/songwriter circuit right now - I see very good things ahead for my man Pete! His humbleness and sincerity show through in his music. His performances and songwriting get better and better every time we play a show together (which has been a few times now) and Pete is certainly one of the coolest cats I know.”

Only a couple of years have passed since Pete began this musical journey, and since then, out of the blue, one of Boston’s most talented bands has also developed. Although the line-up might vary from show to show, Pete considers his "regulars" to be a "true gift." Pete’s velvety vocals and acoustic guitar combine harmoniously with Steve Benson’s (mandolin/lap-steel guitar) incomparable sound, while Jason Pratt’s (keys) glassy tones, Gabe Fonseca’s (bass) funky low end, and David Sperring’s (drums) most unique percussion skills develop into a stellar and very unique sound. Add the talented and beautiful Julia Cook and Erica Marshall (backing vocals), and you’ve got one hell of a live experience.

Pete’s first album, Union Street Sessions, released in February 2007, exhibits Pete’s diversity as both the front man and the solo artist. This mature and honest collection has literally sold itself, with over 750 copies sold from its release to December 31, 2007. The sound and the line up are truly original and the package completely reflects the grassroots effort. Hard work is not an option for Pete and the band; it’s a passion.

The energy from the stage and the sound that hits the ears has made the live show a not-to-be-missed event. There is no show on earth like the Pete Richard Band’s performance, and the ensemble itself has taken on a personality of its own. All respect due, you’ll have to move under a rock to avoid hearing the Pete Richard Band in the not-so-distant future!