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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.lefthandband.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


I am a song writer. I am a music maker, an optimist with a pessimist's devotion. I'm the man of my house, getting it done. I have a daughter and now a son. It is and goes... I was brought up in Scituate and Providence RI. I wrote my first song, "Monday Mornings:O)",when I was 5years old. I played my 1st show when I was 14. I got into doing sound @ a local club when I was 18, the same club my partner and drummer worked at. Prior to working with Bob Giusti, I had played in a few bands around Providence, The Rhode Apples, The Problem and Signal 2 Noise. I have been infront and behind the scenes my whole life. I suffered a brain aneurysm after a show @ the age of 23, just a month and a day before my 24th birthday. I had a one in a million shot of living. I am thankful to have survived. I am alive and that is where my music is born from. It's the here and now; not a happy jingle jangle but only a real way of life as I see it. I am an optimist with a pessimist's devotion to optimism. Everything could happen and everything might not. Whatever happens, I will follow through! XO