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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.thelightsout.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Make Me

Last Hurrah


“We should start a BAAAND!”

With those prophetic words, slurred after a late-night Boston bar crawl in 2005, THE LIGHTS OUT was born. Nobody remembers who said it. They’d never even played a note together. (Sometimes you just know it.)

With influences as clashing as Queens of the Stone Age, Kiss, Bloc Party and Foreigner, the quartet chisels out an entirely new brand of breakneck, anthemic pop-rock, with a barrel of catchy choruses and melodies stickier than the High Life coating their sneakers by the end of every practice.

Taking a spoonful from the time-honored rock food groups of women, betrayal and bad habits, THE LIGHTS OUT expands the menu with songs offering glimpses into the lives of bounty hunters, and stubborn courage in the face of erupting volcanoes.

Despite the great pride the band takes in being impulsive, THE LIGHTS OUT maintain an intense work ethic, recording and critiquing every gig like a boozed-up college football team. Their goal is to ensure everyone has a damn good time by making every performance better than the last. With their growing reputation for dynamic live shows and the nods they’ve been receiving from fans and press, they’re clearly onto something.

THE LIGHTS OUT chased its updated classic rock release, “The Douglas Sessions ‘05” with a self-titled EP in 2007, and will up the ante with a new disc in 2008.

For the latest news and a free download of its self-titled debut EP, visit www.thelightsout.com.