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Genre: Blues/R&B, Jazz, Latin, World Music

Website: http://weatheroutpost12.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
The Highway of God



We are counted among musicians dedicated to the restoration of the real evolution in Music....it no longer matters to us what happens in Record-Label-&-Tandem-Radio-Airplay-Land.
It's DEAD! & after years of generating faux-Trends, w/ faux-Audiences to match, the Industry TRENDMONGERS are confused & sorely distressed as they let their CEOs go....O My! The BOX! is Dead.

Music "has too long been in the hands of people who were in it for reasons other than music." George Duke.

Weatheroutpost12 is the continuing collaboration between Midnight'sExile & Alida Rohr's Band,...outside the Box & still running.... ( "Weird & Wonderful,in the Nu-Blues field,... strong,straightforward vocals.....I cannot say that I have ever heard anything like this before." ~Adrian Blacklee, BLUES MATTERS!MAGAZINE.UK ). It is an amalgam of cultures, styles & grooves brought to bare on original material, or arrangements, free from its inception of any concern for the Industry's bogus contortions...( "....a band that will not and cannot be labeled. This is music for musicians." ~David Jacintho, Freelance Journalist ) , like I said....DEAD! get the Fork!!!

No one can own Music, no matter how they control it, how much money they make off of it, how many lies they spread w/ it. Music has been percolating in places they never dreamed of & is back to bite them in the .....you catch my drift.....right!!!?!! Beijos!