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Genre: Alternative Rock, Folk, Rock

Website: http://www.raleightavern.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Far Away From

On My Door


Raleigh Tavern's frontmen Pat Chadwick and Rob Johanson began their musical careers together eight years ago, harnessing their abilities through epic shows in Chadwick's basement to a sold out crowd of laundry machines, old records, and rejected household items. Somehow, these countless hours of covering what many may consider the best and others the worst of late-90s rock gave birth to actual musical talent and expression. Chadwick and Johanson soon found themselves at college, trading their daily residency at "The Basement" for gigs across New England with their first band, kotter.

With the creation of Raleigh Tavern, named after the road that linked their childhood homes, the two are drawing from the past while playing for the future. Raleigh Tavern maintains an open door policy, welcoming an array of musician friends to join in their music. The latest addition is drummer Eric Landers, who adds his sensible rhythms to the band's latest self-titled recordings, which walk a fine line between folk's delicacy and rock's bluntness.