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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.redchord.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):

Take Your Time


There is nothing new about a Boston band that mixes a strong drink of blues, rock, and jazz. But Boston's Red Chord, with its infectious good-time party approach makes the blues seem, if not exactly brand new, like a freshly wrapped present to be ripped open. Red Chord's music makes audiences feel instantly part of the party.

Red Chord began two years ago when lead singer, Andrea Gillis, a former bartender, who recently stepped out from behind the tap, met New England Conservatory graduate and classically trained pianist, Anrea Gaudette at a local pub while having drinks.

Gillis, who has been blessed with the pipes of Etta James, and the boozy swagger of Jim Morrison, immediately set about barraging Gaudette with blues, rock, and jazz recordings, getting her to unlearn everything she knew.

The two women sparked a furious songwriting binge in each other, resulting in giddy rock tunes like "Rip (Your clothes off)," slow blues numbers like "Happy Song" which inexplicably morphs into an unabashed disco anthem, catchy pop singles like "Taxi" and mad Klezmer/Blues romps like "Apples."

Soon after, they began rounding out the band and Red Chord came together almost immediately, starting with friend and long time blues guitarist Eamonn McKeever. Then they recruited bassist J. Grimaldi from another local band. Singer/songwriter/saxaphone/guitarist Emily Grogan soon signed on, and the band was finally completed with drummer Ken.

The group recently completed a CD they recorded live at their local club, The Abbey Lounge, and a 3-week low-budget tour through England, Scotland, and Ireland.