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Genre: Rap, World Music

Website: http://www.gnawledge.com

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Throw Your Nickels Up

We Can Roll (ft. Noni Kai)


Gnotes (with a silent g) is an underground hip-hop producer and MC based in Boston. His latest album, Rhymes And Beats, was released through Gnawledge Records on October 9th 2007. Since its release, Rhymes And Beats has been spinning and charting across the United States, peaking at 25 on the CMJ Top 40 Hip Hop charts. Gnotes is currently preparing for his trip to Spain, where he will join DJ El Canyonazo in formulating a global hip hop record with the backing of a Fulbright scholarship.

Born and raised in the Pacific NorthWest, Gnotes (aka Sean Dwyer) is a product of Seattle's cutting edge musical culture. Recruited to play football for Boston College, Dwyer has being living, performing, and recording in Boston since 2001.

Gnotes traces his musical genesis to the acoustic guitar, though from an early age he also played bass guitar and drums. As an MC, Gnotes' passionate delivery flows naturally over his own organically grown production.

Over the years Gnotes has recorded and performed around the world, including shows in Europe, Latin America, a 2005 U.S. national tour with Seattle's NocOnWood records, and a 2007 Pacific NorthWest tour with Devin the Dude. He as also shared the stage with various noteworthy underground hip hop acts including Glue, Louis Logic, Wise Intelligent, Elemental Zazen, Qwel, and Cunninglynguists.


2007 Rhymes And Beats: The most recent release from Gnotes. Rooted in live instrumentation and progressive lyricism, Rhymes and Beats is a 21st century outernational hip-hop record with a tinge of nostalgia for 90s grunge and golden era rap. Rhymes And Beats is getting air play on college radio across the United States, and peaked at 25 on the CMJ top 40 Hip Hop charts.

2006 Inthrumental: The 2006 release from Gnotes is an organically grown narrative of live instrumentation layered with sample-scattered grooves, featuring collaborations w/ Afro DZ ak, Kabir, and Ryan Read.

2005 Flow From Above: A compilation of spoken-word poetry and instrumental noodling by the Dorm Room Griots, a collective of college artists including Sean Dwyer, Myran Hunter, Martine Russell, Ryan Read and Canyon Cody.

2004 Broken Spoke: The debut solo album from Gnotes, released under his government name (Sean Dwyer)

2002 Screech Killed Zack: An acoustic guitar singer-songwriter EP recorded with Ryan Read in 2002, refered too as "subtle and airy."

All albums released through Gnawledge Records.