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Genre: Blues/R&B, Funk, Reggae/Ska/Zydeco

Website: http://www.myspace.com/lovethatsauce

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):

Red Water


Hailing from Providence Rhode Island, Chelsy Lau began delving into her inherent roots at the young age of seven. Hearing the sounds of her mother's voice, her father's guitar talent and her grandmother's stride piano, it was inevitable for her to find her own voice and love for the keys. She began writing her own music in her later teens and started her solo project. Her piano playing and powerful voice entertained local venues and opened the doors to new ideas and future projects.
In 2006 the singer/songwriter formed an original project called the Chelsy Lau Band. Featuring a cabaret style blend of blues and rock and fronted by her powerful soul driven vocals, her melodic piano and rhythmic guitar tied this four piece together. The Chelsy Lau Band has built a strong fan base allowing them to perform from Maine to Manhattan, marking their place in the East Coast music scene. Their first album, "No Genre" is currently available.

With her love, passion, and influence from a broad spectrum of music, she and her band created a new project. Sauce, is the funk/ska/reggae/fusion result. Lau's need to exude her explosive amount of energy on stage drew her to take some time from the piano and encourage the crowd to get up, and dance while fronting this band. Her intense and skilled talent is unmatched and is accentuated by a tight backing rhythm and three piece horn section. Sauce is a must see act not to be overlooked.
Through collaboration with like minded musicians, Lau was invited to front the long standing, award winning RI funk/jam band, Fungus Amungus. This amazing six peice band has maintained a strong continuous presence in the east coast funk/jam scene. Famous for their performances at many venues and festivals, Chelsy has taken great pride and dedication to leading the vocals of this high energy, creative group of musicians. Fungus Amungus and Sauce continue to perform through out New England at various venues and festivals.

Prevailing through various projects and a loyal following, Chelsy earned a nomination for best female vocalist in 2008 by the Providence Phoenix's best music poll. Again, she was nominated in 2009, taking home the title of Providence's Best Female Vocalist.
Because of her devotion to her fellow creators, the support from local media, and music as a whole, she remains grateful and inspired. Chelsy Lau continues to write, perform, and stay loyal and true to what her fans ultimately love and crave.