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Genre: Rock

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OK, so this is where we are supposed to tell you about the band in third person, like we didn't write it ourselves. (Yeah, right)

Origin of Language 101

Rantic is an old English word meaning, "one who rants," and was considered a type of lunacy. Back in the Middle Ages, rantics were jailed and burned fairly regularly, along with heretics, witches and anyone else who had their own opinions and voiced them.

Origin of Band 101

Rantic consists of four dedicated, talented, professional musicians from incredibly diverse schools of rock 'n roll. To list all their former bands and accomplishments would be pretty boring and would take up several pages, so suffice it to say that they have each been playing professionally for a good, long time. Rantic is: lead vocalist/keyboardist Lynne Taylor, guitarist/vocalist Scott Solsky, bassist Bob Morrissette and drummer Tony D'Anna. They perform all original material, which, for lack of a better term could be called "intelligent alternative rock." ( Ya like that?) Rantic has been described as "dark, edgy and melodic." Both the musical arrangements and the lyrical content are intense and complex and the delivery is powerful and unique. To their credit, (but occasional misfortune), they don't really "sound like" anyone else out there; they are not easily pigeon-holed into any one category; each song takes on a life of its own. But they definitely rock.

There, how was that? Hopefully you have some idea of what we're about now and are reasonably assured that we don't suck. But if you want to be really sure you'll have to check out the CD.