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Genre: Alternative Rock, Experimental, Metal/Hardcore, Latin, Rock

Website: http://www.myspace.com/22pesos

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):

Walls Forever Screaming


22 Pesos was formed by singer Paco Duarte in 2005. A 4 track promo CD titled "Subjective Vertigo" was recorded and released later in the year. The promo featured Paco's haunting vocals over mysterious beats and driving guitars. This recording created a buzz in the Boston music underground, and eventually the song "In the Mouth of Madness" hit number 1 on the garageband - Boston charts in September '05. In late 2006, drummer Eddie Barrie joined the band; and in early 2007, guitarist Steven "Space-man" King was also added. The new members helped in expanding the style of 22 Pesos to new heights and new directions, and the band's new material immediately sparked new interest. Then, in late Spring of 2007 after coming off of The Sevendust "Alpha" Tour, Nate Rauch brought his Dj skills and sound knowledge to the table. The new overload was nearly complete. Finally in late Sept. 2007, Andy Phinney came in to fill the void left by two former bassists, and he immediately elevated the 22 Pesos sound.

Today you can catch 22 Pesos tearing up the New England music scene, hitting venues like Bill's Bar, Harper's Ferry, and the Living Room to name a few. A new 2 song promo featuring "Pheromones" and "Walls Forever Screaming" was recorded and distributed at shows, and made available on the band's myspace page. They are currently working on their full length debut "The Coming of the 6th Sun", due to be released in late 2008.

22 Pesos is truly an experimental project, creating sounds without any regard to genre classification. The music is like a bipolar episode; sea-sawing from pure intensity to a trippy, peaceful ensemble… and the vocals range freely from ethereal crooning to the sounds of a fiery backyard fiesta on Cinco de Mayo. One thing is certain: 22 Pesos play music their own way. Check them out live at a city near you!!!