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Genre: Reggae/Ska/Zydeco, Rock

Website: http://www.saturdayatnine.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):


Saturday At Nine began in the early days of 2007 as the trio project of Mark (Guitar/Vocals), Josh (Trombone), and Alex (Drums). After many days of rocking out randomly, the guys decided to make things more serious and write four songs that they were really proud of. They played these four songs over and over and over and eventually got sick of hearing the same thing every time they played, so they decided to become a real band.

After weeks of asking around for more members, the guys were discouraged with the process. No one was really coming forward, no one serious at least. It was a dark time for the band. Then in about a week, everything changed. Mark knew a guy who was phenomenal at Bass, having jammed with him on many different occasions. Steve (Bass) came to a practice and heard what was happening. With his superb bass playing, the rhythm section sounded well balanced and complete. That was when Steve joined the group quickly and happily.

Now the horn section was lacking a complete sound. After a few days of asking around, Josh found a friend from high school willing to play trumpet, and Mark knew a guy, well in tune with the ska crowd in RI, who agreed to play tenor sax. The next morning Josh was joined by French (Trumpet), a highly talented trumpet player in the RI Philharmonic, and Brian (Tenor Sax), the former front man for the hugely successful ska band Luck Overspent, and the horn section was finally complete.

These guys make music that you can listen to, dance to, rock out to, and overall relate to. See them play live, and you will definately get your money's worth.