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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.thefutureghosts.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
All of These Things


Boston Rock Producer Daniel Bon has step back into the light with his latest project, Daniel Bon & the FUTURE ghosts. His debut solo album, Walking Backwards Thru the City, is a fresh start and new outlook for Daniel. In a little over two years, Bon has released two full-length albums (Pennyred/Solo), completed a NACA sponsored college tour of Midwestern U.S. (Averi), and has landed two songs on tribute albums for both The Smashing Pumpkins, and British sensation, Feeder.

Walking Backwards Thru the City (Fall 2k7), is an introspective look into his life and the challenges of the music industry. It comes just one year after finishing his last tour dates as the frontman for both Pennyred, and Boston powerhouse Averi, simultaneously.

This collection of eleven songs was written as Daniel cleaned his mind of the dark places that the industry left him in. Walking Backwards Thru the City stretches the boundaries of indie-rock. Hook laced Pop gems like "In the Meantime" and "When You Go Away" send the listener off humming, while "You Don't Have to Stay (Because I Want You To)" and the electro/prog., "The Signs in Things" color the album with the perfect blend of dance and rock. The album's closing track, the acoustic/symphonic "Boston Tonight," is laden with poking pizzicato sections and thickly layered orchestral arrangements.

Bon describes the writing process for Walking Backwards Thru the City as "…(wanting) to bring my music back to the basics...back to a place where I wanted it to be. I was beginning to forget that making music is fun. Things got way too real."

Walking Backwards Thru the City, is a new beginning for Daniel. It was recorded between November 2k6 and May 2k7. Although this is a solo album, Daniel's longtime friend and drummer Marc Sherman provides the drums and rhythm section on the record. Daniel now tours with a group of backing musicians he calls, the FUTURE ghosts. The ghosts are a rotating line up of Boston musicians that feel as passionately about the music they play as Daniel.

Daniel Bon & the FUTURE ghosts is both a step backwards and a step forward for Daniel. A step back into reality and a step forward into the future.