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Genre: Alternative Rock, Metal/Hardcore, Rock

Website: http://www.sevenstonesrocks.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


Heavy, raw, intricate, and driving, describe the vibe that SevenStones creates. This four piece heavy rock band was formed September 2005 in Portland, Maine by the band’s vocalist/guitarist Stepan Matoian. Stepan then recruited talented Berkley Bassist T. “Skullkill” Anderson and Gary Marston, who provide the forceful, intricate and lashing backbone of the band. Ripping guitarist “Mr. Pink” was added in November 2006.

SevenStones’ approach is created as an onslaught, and driven by the organic, heavy sound resonating realism, not factory overproduction. The songs written for their upcoming full length debut album tentatively titled Ultra-Violent explores gratuitous violence, government hypocrisy, exploitation, fear and other less than virtuous human traits and experiences with a non-relenting, aggressive attitude. The band brings an intense energy to their live shows as well.