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Genre: Alternative Rock, Punk

Website: http://myspace.com/perennialsareforever

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Saints and Saviors


The city of Boston is cold and colonial; suspicious at best of anything new or foreign. It's also a city whose students account for about half its population. They come and go quickly, taking their trends their and their styles with them when they inevitably leave. Growing up in this paradoxical atmosphere helped Perennials define their sound: a unique synthesis of old-school punk rock energy with diverse hooks, production and melodies which place them squarely in the modern era.

The band (through several mutations in their first year) are like Frankenstien's monster, assembled from the dead limbs of locals like The Click Five, The Black Freighter (pre-Protokoll, Diamond Mines), Furvis, Disaster Strikes, Dead Ellington, Slick Pig, and Fallen Short. The group's experience and diversity have helped their live sets develop a manic, infectious reputation; causing spontaneous ass-shaking in any venue that will have them. They seem as confident and comfortable playing big rooms with The Thermals, Japanther, World/Inferno, The Avengers, or Read Yellow as they do playing to parties of 15!

Without the benefit of even having a cd released, the group's enthusiastic approach to post-punk has garnered attention from newspapers, magazines, blogs and radio stations all around the northeast. Summer plans to take this circus on the road are in the works, hopefully with the long-awaited PERENNIALS ARE FOREVER EP in tow! Those seeking a teaser to the EP should keep an eye on Band in Boston for a semi-acoustic Perennials set being released in early June, which will feature several new songs and rare covers. In the meantime drop a line whenever you like!