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Genre: Alternative Rock, Rock

Website: http://www.thelavas.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


Its like Johnny Cash on a bad (bad meaning 80s good) acid trip, driving down the 101 from SB to SD with a fourteen year old Drew Barrymore in the front seat crying, I want my REAL MOM! I want my REAL MOM! while Sepulturas Give Me Back My Spleen as covered by Elliot Smith is on 88.9. Pure heartbreak baby! Give me MORE!!!
-Craig Sparkles

Vulnerable at times and absolutely frenzied at others, the LAVAS sound as if the Troggs were clobbering out Cheap Trick AM radio material with an ecstasy-tripping Joan Jett sitting in on vocals. A sound, that has increasingly been shaped by the unerring instincts and unflagging energy, not to mention the sassy full-throated voice of Alice Austin. When she digs her vocal chords into the songs, there’s a delicate balance between the-girl-next-door and the psychopath that leads one to believe she wouldn’t hesitate to boil your bunny.