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Genre: Alternative Rock, Country, Funk, Punk, Rap, Rock

Website: http://www.plaiddaddy.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
You Got To Go


Jim Dunlop officially started the "Plaid Daddy" project in the spring of 2000. Over 700 performances since and during the formation of what is now known as the Plaid Daddy Band, Jim was pursuing an original CD. He tracked a compilation with limited funding and the help of some great musical friends, but couldn`t afford to package the project (or even cover studio costs). That disc, is the true original Plaid Daddy record. Now...with the help of many musicians along the way and the brainstorming of engineer Christian Kaufmann of Switzerland, jim is working to release "Experiences: Past & Present" by the fall of 2005. With joined interest from Wfnx & Wbru. Though primarily pursuing the rock music genre & the awakened alternative genre, Jim was also one of the few white male singers to be asked to fly to New York and perform on the long running NBC TV show "Showtime at the Apollo" in Harlem. He finished 1st in a Nation-wide poll following his performance. "Getting Itchy" is the kick-off track at this point, which can be heard on the opening page of the website www.plaiddaddy.com (or mp3 boston phoenix)and is also slated as the first music video in Boston, MA.
People...remember those who fight for us...
Peace. Thanks for listening.