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Genre: Alternative Rock, Rock

Website: http://www.sexcoffeeband.com

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A high-energy rock foursome with a solid reputation. Sean McCarthy ~ Standard Times
SEXCOFFEE reminds me of the long-lost '90s band Mary's Danish (or Fleetwood Mac-meets-Sleater-Kinney) The Providence Phoenix
A band that is good to the last drop! Limelight Magazine

Some would compare this quartet to a modern, harder Fleetwood Mac or Pretenders, while others call it a female-fronted Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Regardless of your musical taste, SexCoffee creates a unique blend by pulling from many genres to ensure that you leave completely satisfied. Ruth Charbonneau (lead vocals) and Sharlene DeNardo (bass guitar/vocals) comprise the innate harmonies and soulful melodies while Paul Campbell (drums/vocals) and Rick Gallego (guitar/vocals) encompass the foundation on which this band rocks.

With a rhythm-driven sound and dynamic-anchored core, this band's music generates a force that is truly distinctive to SexCoffee. Through in-your-face lyrics, backed up by bittersweet guitar licks, this band creates a sound that entertains a broad range of listeners and fans. SexCoffee values both their contemporary and classical influences with special detail to eclectic, modern and traditional styles of music.

Having played in venues all over New England and New York, SEXCoffee maintains and values a competent work ethic along with attention to melodious detail.