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Genre: Alternative Rock, Electronica, Rock

Website: http://www.kingpinwreckingcrew.com


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The KingPin Wrecking Crew is defined by an unparalleled drive for what is deeper. Musically, emotionally, and spiritually this band communicates on a level that is undeniable. Commonly referred to as perfectionists in their obsessive pursuit of sonic excellence and explosive execution, KingPin has cultivated a truly unique sound that is readily accessible. By interlocking hook-driven rock with urban grooves and futuristic adventurism, The KingPin Wrecking Crew has emerged from the East Coast music scene as a critically acclaimed powerhouse.
Explicit sincerity as musicians as well as people has allowed KingPin the ability to seamlessly navigate between Christian and mainstream venues with instant credibility and great success. As drummer Darren Elder explained in a previous interview, Christ has changed my life and the lives of all the guys in the band, and we are so thankful for that, thats the essence of what the songs are about. We truly respect what anyone believes and want to be sensitive to that, we just want to say, Hey, His love is beautiful and it sustains us.
This passion which was sparked in 2001 burns with an ever increasing blaze. Having released two formidable independent recordings and with a reputation for an exacting live show, KingPin is poised to release some of the most buzz worthy songcraft emerging from today's alternative music scene. The KingPin Wrecking Crews new album Abolition Strategy is now available.
*Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by Jonathan Wyman
*Mastered by 2005 Grammy Award Winner Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering Studios
John Berry, is the chief editor of Artist Analysis, and reviews live and recorded performance, both nationally and internationally. staff@artistanalysis.com