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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.pdsaints.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
A Vision



PDsaintS represents a high energy, original, new breed of rock. Dynamic rock. Changes in time, texture, volume and style are used dramatically within our songs, but not to a point where our listeners don't have our songs stuck in their heads for the next century.

Our basic blueprint for songwriting is to take something beautiful and then absolutely destroy it. But then build it back again. Not for better or worse, just not exactly the way it was. Tim plays the drums with a balance of power and finesse. Justin A. beats and kisses his guitar while he is manic-depressive on the mic with unrelenting lyrics. Jusitn B. fluctuates between ambient melody and rhythmic thumping on his respective axe. And BOC can shake you right out of your seat with his funk/punk low-end bass.

We are not afraid to be different, just like we're not afraid to be good. We really love our music and everything we do is honest. It comes through when you hear or see us. While we may all be full of shit in real life; we somehow value this quality of truth above all else(be it ugly or beautiful) in everything we listen to and play. We hope others can relate.