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Genre: Rap


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Born in Roxbury Academy Homes and later residing in Chelsea MA, Larok's edge isn't hidden but the very thing that seperates her from many. Growing up in a West Indian household being the only girl with five brothers, its clear where Larok's many influences birthed from. Today Larok has lived and learned, overcoming many obstacles and ready to share her experiences through her art. Her honesty and sincerity is what seems to be drawing listener's closer as well as the ability to relate with many by touching base on issues most won't discuss. In 2000 Larok was confronted with an experience that would change both her life and destiny forever. She decided to make God the head of her life and joined "Redeemed Praise", a well known inner city choir. A competition won in 2002 held in Franklin Park by Boston's own "Free" for the "Free4life Foundation" caught the eyes and ears of B.E.T producer's and founder's of Freestyle Friday" landing Larok on 106 and Park for four weeks as reigning champion. Shortly after B.E.T Larok appeared on UPN's "Showtime At The Apollo" and was called back to appear again. Hustling a full time job, and trips back and forth to New York at only 18, it was only evident that Larok knew this was her destiny and could only be fulfilled through labor. Larok has opened up for artist such as, Killa Priest, Kool G Rap, Slum Village, Keisha Cole, Cormega, Boot Camp Click, Kelly Rolland of Destiny's Child, Tank, Dead Prez, Ne-Yo, and the list goes on....This year Larok took home both the "2006 New England Urban Music Award", for "Best Female Rap Artist of the Year" as well as "The Mass Industry Committee 2006 Hip Hop award", for "Best Female Artist of the Year" and was nominated for "Performer of the year"
Larok has currently collabed with RBG's Dead Prez and A-Alike's, and has featured on RBG's "Guerilla Nation" mixtape. But with an album of her own currently on the streets (Letia Larok...As Is), a crazy buzz and Joint's like "Misunderstood", "Triple Threat", and the controversal, "Get Down!" It's no mystery why this street songstress is titled the voice of the streets, certain to grant the game what it's lacked for so long....."The Truth"