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Genre: Blues/R&B, Folk

Website: http://www.lloydthayer.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):

Killing War


lloyd Thayer is a unique performer, the likes of which you won't see often.
He plays all of his songs on a 1929 National tricone squareneck steel guitar with the instrument laying flat in his lap, fretted with a metal bar. lloyd is an underground legend from playing on the streets and in the subways of Boston, where his incredible musicianship and funky style is always sure to draw a crowd. He is well known for his extended free improvisations, which incorporate many styles of music, including, blues, jazz, rap, folk, funk, middle eastern, indian, punk, hawaiian-often all in the same song! Or, to put it another way, it’s not every day that you see someone on the sidewalk with a 78 year old guitar in their lap wailing away on a Run DMC song!

lloyd has played clubs and coffeehouses all over the North Eastern U.S. including: Club Passim, The Coolidge Corner Theater, Haper’s Ferry, The Abbey Lounge, The Sit n Bull Pub, Johnny D’s, The Burren, The Middle East, The Bull Run, The Plough and Stars and many more. This gifted songwriter and musician brings a warmth and intimacy to the stage, where his performances are both entertaining and educational. He has written hundreds of songs and he shares his vast knowledge about the history of American folk music as a faculty member of the Passim Center School of Music where he teaches Dobro and Harmonica. lloyd’s songs are thought provoking, powerful and yet many are also absurdly funny and leave listeners laughing and thinking at the same time.
lloyd finished third in the 2003 Boston Blues Society Battle of the Bands and was chosen by the Boston Blues Society to represent Boston in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis TN and his songs were chosen to appear on the Boston’s Best Songwriters Cd. He has opened for a wide variety of performers including Johnny Winter, John Hammond, Paul Rishell and Annie Raines, Harry Manx, the Resophonics, and the Tin Hat Trio. lloyd has also been featured at the the Riverhead NY Blues Festival, and the Massachusetts Blues and Brews Festival.
lloyd currently has four solo cd’s out, and his songs are played regularly on many Boston area radio stations including WGBH 89.7FM, WBOS 92.9FM, WERS 88.9 FM and WMFO 91.5FM. lloyd’s cd’s have also received extensive airplay in Europe and on the Internet. Visit lloyd's website where all of his music is located, along
with many of his oil paintings, short stories, published articles,poetry and information about classes and workshops. http://www.lloydthayer.com/booking.html

QUOTES: “A seriously innovative player who is
creating a unique musical path. Excellent playing! ”-Stacy Phillips, author of The Complete Dobro Player

“Arresting originals with a convincing drama that turns one small paved patch of Harvard Square into a back-alley, down-and-dirty heaven. Three stars.” –Downbeat Magazine

“The breadth of the music Thayer plays and his street corner sensibilities make this a fine example how blues still rises from the streets.”-Art Tipaldi, Blues Revue

“Watching you play the National steel guitar is a pleasure. I’m so jealous!!”-Cary Wolfson, Blues Access Magazine.

“Thayer takes Mississippi Delta blues to a whole new level”-Metronome Magazine

“The guy's like Bill Jackson, Jesse Fuller, and Captain Beefheart all rolled into one”-Performer Magazine

You can read more about lloyd in Ted Drozdowski's Stellars by Starlight feature here http://www.thephoenix.com/article_ektid33133.aspx