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Genre: Celtic/Irish, Folk, Rock

Website: http://www.paddysaul.com


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Paddy Saul blows his audience away. You wouldn’t necessarily expect it from the slight, unassuming Irish transplant. But when he takes stage, hands strumming, feet stomping, and head wiggling, he slowly, steadily fans a spark to a blaze. He closes his eyes, casts them upward, and opens his mouth, delivering a plaintive wail that hushes the room and raises the hairs on the back of your neck. His fans love it, returning week after week to see him perform in pubs, clubs and lately, large music halls where he’s opened shows for more established performers such as Josh Ritter, Mark Geary, Juliet Turner and Rubyhorse.

Hailing from Drumconrath, County Meath, Ireland, Paddy came to Boston in 1995. The experience of a young man leaving Ireland in the mid-90's and coming to the U.S. to make his way is a familiar tale. Yet the skill and passion with which Paddy tells his stories and sings his songs makes him stand out in a town teeming with talented singer-songwriters.

His debut CD One Town Tasted (Nine Mile Records), chronicles his journey, capturing snap shots of a fledgling performer who’s left behind the comforts of home, old friends and lovers, and dead-end jobs for the promise of new adventures. Recorded at famed Zippah Studios by engineers Pete Weiss and Brian Charles, the CD offers a collision of transatlantic styles. Traditional fiddles and banjos spar with electric guitars and big backbeats, creating a beautiful and compelling blend of folk and rock: Old World substance meets New World style.