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Genre: Alternative Rock, Blues/R&B, Country, Folk, Funk, Jazz, Oldies, Punk, Reggae/Ska/Zydeco, Rock, Swing, World Music, Bluegrass

Website: http://www.acesnh.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Dream Samba


The members of Aces & Eights have been playing their style of music in the Northeast since the mid 1960’s. Influenced by all the great music of that era , The Beatles, Rolling Stones and other British acts as well as the 60’s Folk, Country and Blues traditions in this country, they started using the name Aces & Eights in 1971. Since that time they have played in bars, clubs, ski lodges, country clubs, schools, VFW’s, Elks Lodges and Granges from New York to the tip of Maine.

Although any band who plays this long goes through line-up changes, Aces & Eights in 2006 has the same players as in the early seventies, with the exception of ‘wunderkind’, Keith Zizza, a keyboard master who busy playing with blocks at that time. George ‘ Buddy’ Bernard ‘s signature voice has been the ‘sound’ for all this time. Lead guitarist, Jim Hinkle and Bassist, Jim Mello help create a mix of vocal harmony that has given the band its unique feel. Lead guitarist, Dave West, rhythm guitar/mandolin from Rick Haas and Dirt Munson on drums complete the original group. Former drummer, Roger Haas broadens the sound with synthesizer, accordion and percussion, along with Keith Zizza on keyboards.

Aces & Eights new CD release, Final Draft, is available on CDbaby.com and ITunes.
Website is www.AcesNH.com