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Genre: Electronica, Metal/Hardcore

Website: http://www.voicesofthedead.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):


We are The Dead, The Voices so many choose to ignore.
Spending time in the presence of the dead, whether it be in a graveyard or a haunted, abandonned location, a severe necromania(an abnormal obsession with the dead, or being in their presence) developed which was interminably fueled by the cyclical thoughts and impulses between the three original members, Scot, Sandra, and Eric. It in turn concieved a twisted, horror based band justly named Voices of the Dead.

Inspiration came from horror, both movie generated and real-life experiences. While in a dextromethorphan (a dissociative hallucinogen) induced trip, the lead singer and drummer of the band saw Silent Hill in the theaters and were instantaneously inspired. The first song was written immediately following their experience.

One cannot ignore the occurences of real-life horror, each member has experienced that which cannot be explained, and when in each other's presense the experiences are then amplified. Each member experiencing different events contributed to inspiration as a whole. "Formaldehyde" was written as a result of a jar conaining formaldehyde and postmortem matter crashing to the floor. The song was created as a byproduct of the fume-induced stupor.

All life comes from death, an increasingly apparent fact that goes without mention, until now. we're continuing to grow, so always check and see what's new with us. We are Voices of the Dead, and this is only the beginning.