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Genre: Blues/R&B, Folk, Rock, Solo, World Music, Bluegrass

Website: http://www.waynepotash.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Down On Grandpa's Farm


Singer/Songwriter Wayne Potash is a “master of kids’ music” according to Sing Out Magazine. His recordings are featured on children’s radio programs across the country, and feature a unique blend of folk, bluegrass, pop, and blues. Rambles Magazine writes that a “whole family car full of impatient children and tired adults can join in” with his music on CD which Northeast Performer! Magazine calls “an example of great children’s music.”
Wayne’s Music Fun Band includes award winning banjo player Paul Sedgwick (also on ukulele, didgiridoo, spoons and vocals); John Wiesner on bass guitar, harmonica, and vocals; and Bryn Carlson on drums, percussion and vocals. The group features kid and grown-up friendly music in folk, bluegrass, pop, blues, and world beat styles. Getting the audience in on the fun is what they do best.
Wayne Potash is on The Massachusetts Cultural Council’s Touring Roster and an alumni of Berklee College of Music.