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Genre: Alternative Rock, Punk, Rock

Website: http://www.myspace.com/thehollowsound

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The story of The Hollow Sound thus far . . .

Every band says they're ready to take over the world. We here at The Hollow Sound say NAY! We don't want the world. Just your ears.

After more than a year of playing together in various garages, dorm rooms, and a lone Bat Mitzvah…The Hollow Sound have begun shaping their own sound, becoming the sum of their parts. Professionally trained front-woman Maddie provides powerful, sharp pop melodies. Guitarists Evan Brock and Justin Poirier bring the grind through use of soaring intertwining guitar lines. The rhythmic backbone is held together by Bill King on bass and Jeep Poirier on drums, who together work to create pounding tempos--aiding the music's sense of driving urgency.

The new FREE internet ep, "This Is Just The Beginning" is what it suggests--a beginning. Previously distributing a pair of demos comprising of a couple homerecording sessions, this release marks The Hollow Sound's first trip together to a full fledged recording studio. In June of this year they visited The Getaway Group in Wakefield, MA, where Jay Maas produced and twisted knobs. This session culminated in the creation of four songs, all of which draw from different influences, while in the end work together to meld a common thread of youthful hope and energy.

Also new to The Hollow Sound's media holdings, a brand-new video for their song "Energy" has been created. The group took over the video studio of a small college in Massachusetts at the tail end of July to work. The video was directed by guitarist, Justin Poirier, with all members of the band aiding in production and shooting, along with close-friends helping in all aspects.

Currently, The Hollow Sound find themselves back in their homes writing and demoing brand-new songs for a debut full length. At this same time, tours are being outlined and planned--a short mini-tour at the very end of December / early January that will bring the band anywhere between Connecticut and Virginia, a week's stint down in Florida during the spring, and anything and everything they can pick-up during the summertime.

The Hollow Sound is a band that is all about building a fanbase one person at a time through word-of-mouth and an intense live show. They do this because they love it, and they hope that you do too.